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Looked interesting. I couldn't figure out how to get anything but the hammer material. Scouting didn't scout the fog which seems a bit strange.I overworked all my people to death.. Those lazy buggers couldn't even get wood.

I like the concept but this game has a lot of problems. I didn't get any rocks or wood even when it said I found them. Resting restores so little fatigue that it's impossible to sustain work. There is no real explanation of how much assigning people to scout actually helps and I also had to guess that scouting was supposed to find resources and not uncover more map or something.

needs balance, its not quite playable, but I would love to.

Yeah. I would really appreciate that if someone would do it for me T^T. I'll have to update this some time once someone had balanced it for me.

Nice work.

I couldn't figure out a lot of things, like how to get some of the materials to build the portal, so I was just mindlessly making the workers work. I died really quick because I thought that resting would put the fatigue back to 100%, which caused me to run out of food.


I think I should make the fatigue restore up to 100 next time.