Kyouko has told Kokoro that her masks had gone out of control. And now, she couldn't go shopping!!! What could be behind this?

Instructions can be found from the game but:
AD - Move
Space - Jump/Double Jump
Shift - Dash
Left Click - Melee
Right Click - Range
R - Restart Level

Phoskryfes (Me) - Programmer, Unity Developer, SFX
Yui - BGM Artist
Jhzargo - 2D animator
Guessy - Environment Artist, Level Designer

Release date Jun 23, 2019
Rated 3.0 out of 5 stars
(1 total ratings)
Made withUnity
TagsBoss battle, Hack and Slash, Touhou, Yuri


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I just ran past all the enemies, jumped and dashed over most of them.

Koishi's shooting noise is 128% concentrated ear rape.

Art style is very cool and the animations(except for the idle animation of Kokoro) felt good. However I find that the feedback you get when you hit an enemy could be done better.

And this one goes into "games I was actually able to complete." Praise be checkpoints. I didn't actually die at any point, but the full health restoring was just the thing I needed.

Yay for more Kokoro games. :)


I really like the art style of this game! The mechanics are fast and easy to use, but I feel the ranged attack feels a bit weak in comparison to the melee. Overall an enjoyable experience!

Yup! We designed the range attacks to be weaker than the melee because we're worried that players wouldn't use the melee anymore.  We're glad you enjoyed it :D


This was a very fun game! At one point the game started lagging and all I could do was dash and I just flew straight across the whole level. The art style in this game was very cool and I enjoyed the story :D

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