You have a laptop. The problem is you have no internet access. Try to hack other people's Wifi and chat with your friend. Once you've replied for the first time, make sure you don't let your friend wait or you'll regret it. 

Instructions: (If you dare to read. Who reads the instructions?)

ASWD - Move

Left Click - Interact with UI

Space - Sit down

Note: Best played in Full Screen

I ran out of time and was only able to level design for 4 hours. Just in case the game is so hard, I made a cheat here. Open the laptop and point to the peach (Bottom left of the laptop screen). Hold 'P' and click it. There will be no notification but rest assured you should not lose. To remove the cheat, just do the steps again.

Role: Overall developer

Font Source:

BGM Source:

Release date May 20, 2019
Made withUnity, Piskel
Tags2D, Cute, Pixel Art, Short, Top-Down, Unity

Development log


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Somewhat difficult game, but absolutely enjoyed the concept!

This is a really interesting idea! It's a bit hard but I'm super impressed with the level design you were able to accomplish in four hours :) The walk cycle of the character is groovy and fun and the music goes really well.

Thank you. Glad you liked it :)